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Where is my Chatterino folder located?

On Windows: %APPDATA%/Chatterino2

On Linux: $HOME/.local/share/chatterino

On Mac: $HOME/Library/Application Support/chatterino


Commands and Settings have a small backup mechanism that saves the older version in a file like commands.json.bkp-2 in case you want to return to older versions of the file.

  • commands.json - Will contain all your Chatterino commands
  • settings.json - This contains most of your settings, including sensitive data like your login token
  • window-layout.json - This contains information which tabs and splits you have open and how they are positioned
  • irc.json - When you have a non-twitch IRC connection, this contains the configured servers and settings


How do I delete the Chatterino cache / settings?

Navigate to your Chatterino folder and remove corresponding folders.

  • The Cache folder contains cached network requests from Chatterino.
  • The Logs folder contains chat logs from chats you've had open in Chatterino.
  • The Misc folder contains internal information about the current running instance of Chatterino.
  • The Settings folder contains any settings you may have configured in Chatterino (e.g. font size, highlight phrases) and your list of channels open.

My settings / commands / window layout are not saving

This is usually a case because Chatterino is unable to save settings on your disk. To fix that, try following steps:

  1. Run Chatterino as Administrator.
  2. Back up your settings by copying them from your Chatterino folder to a safe location on your disk and delete them. Restart your computer and try launching Chatterino again.
  3. Back up your settings, uninstall Chatterino and install it again, but make sure Fresh Install option is checked.
  4. Try running Chatterino in portable mode.