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Chatterino contains a slew of features to assist moderators in moderating.

Chat Mode

You can easily change the chat modes in Chatterino using the button on the streamer bar.


You can choose from: Emote only, Subscriber only, Slow mode, R9K mode and Followers only mode.



Moderators are able to log all the channels they are in using the logging feature.


Moderation Mode

Moderation mode is enabled by clicking ModModeDisabled in a channel that you moderate. Available variables are {}, {msg-id}¹ & {}. Below is a list of examples that can be used:

Function Action
Ban a user /ban {}
Unban a user /unban {}
Timeout a user /timeout {} 600
Delete a user's message /delete {msg-id}¹
pajbot2 report /w botname #{} !report {} being rude
pajbot2 longreport /w botname #{} !longreport {} being very rude
Open the user's usercard /user {}
  1. As of nightly 9b9fd7d {} can also be used.

User Timeout Buttons

User timeout buttons are very useful while looking at a user's logs. All 8 buttons can be configured to various timeout lengths:


User timeout buttons look like this:


Last update: May 17, 2022 09:57:40
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