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Explain common words used in Chatterino.

Anatomy of a Chatterino window


Term Description
Split Includes the chat, input field and a split header
Split Header Contains split title, moderation actions, viewer list, split menu button and add split button
Split Menu Settings or actions for the specific split
Tab Can contain multiple splits



Term Description
Moderation buttons Allow you to quickly delete messages, timeout users or execute custom commands. They can be configured in Settings > Moderation > Moderation buttons
Moderation mode button Toggles whether Moderation buttons are shown
Usercard Contains useful information about a user, action buttons as well as their recent messages. Can be opened by clicking someone's username in chat or by typing /usercard username
User Timeout Buttons Allow you time a user out from their Usercard. They can be configured in Settings > Moderation > User Timeout Buttons

Last update: October 1, 2022 14:55:56