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Commands are used as shortcuts for long messages. If a message starts with the "trigger" then the message will be replaced with the Command.


Add Command Hello chat :) with the trigger /hello. Now typing /hello in chat will send Hello chat :) instead of /hello.


  • The trigger has to be matched at the start of the message but there is a setting to also match them at the end.
  • Triggers don't need to start with /

Using placeholders

  • {1}, {2}, {3} and so on can be used to insert the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ... word after the trigger.

Example: Add Command /timeout {1} 1 with trigger /warn. Now typing /warn user123 will send /timeout user123 1

  • Similarly {1+} and so on can be used to insert all words starting with the 1st, ... word.

Example: Add Command Have a {1+} day! with trigger /day. Now typing /day very super nice will send Have a very super nice day!

  • You can use {{1} if you want to send {1} literally.

Last update: August 2, 2021 09:13:08