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Introduction to Filters

Filters can be applied to splits to provide a selective view of messages. Filters are created in the Settings page and are applied by opening the Split menu (three dots) and selecting "Set filters". Applied filters are saved when you close and open Chatterino.

Multiple filters can be applied to a Split. A message must pass all applied filters for it to be displayed.

Simple filters are available through the Channel Filter Creator dialog. Advanced filters take inspiration from many programming languages, and the full description of keywords and operators can be found below.

Example filters

  • message.content contains "hello"
    • Only messages that contain the phrase hello
  • message.length < 40 || author.subbed
    • Messages that are less than 40 characters long, OR are sent by a subscriber.
  • == "somestreamer" && author.badges contains "moderator"
    • Messages that originated in the channel somestreamer AND are from users with a moderator badge

Filter syntax

A filter must be a valid expression. An expression is comprised of conditions and values which are evaluated to a single True or False value to decide whether to filter a message. Evaluating to something other than True or False will lead to all messages being filtered out.


A value can be an integer (123, 5), a string ("hello", "this is a string"), a variable (, message.length), a list of values ({123, "hello",}), or a regular expression (r"\d\d\d\d").

Lists are surrounded by braces ({}) and list items are separated by commas. A list item can be a value (e.g. "hello") or an expression wrapped in parentheses (e.g. (author.sub_length * message.length)).

Regular expressions are similar to strings, but are denoted with an r before the opening quotation mark (e.g. r"something"). To make a regular expression case-insensitive, use ri before the opening quotation mark (e.g. ri"something").

When a filter is evaluated, variables are replaced with the values they represent.


Name Example
Int 123, 5
String "Hello there", "Escaped \" quote"
RegEx r"\d\d\d\d", ri"something.*"
List `{"list item", 123}


Binary operators act on two values:

  • 1 + 2
  • author.subbed && flags.highlighted
  • "long sentence" contains "ten"

Unary operators act on one value:

  • !author.subbed

The following operators are available:

Operator Description
&& And
|| Or
! Not
== Equals
!= Not equals
< Less than
<= Less than or equal to
> Greater than
>= Greater than or equal to
contains String, List, or Map contains
startswith String or List starts with text or string, respectively
endswith String or List ends with text or string, respectively
match Match string with regular expression
+ Add (or string concatenation)
- Subtract
* Multiply
/ Divide (integer)
% Modulus


The following variables are available:

Variable Type Description
Author User who sent the message
author.badges List List of author's badges
author.color Color* Color code of author, or none String Display name of author
author.no_color Bool Whether the author has no color set (i.e. gray name)
author.subbed Bool Whether author is subscribed
author.sub_length Int How long author has been subscribed (or zero)
Channel The channel where the message was sent String Channel name
channel.watching Bool Whether the channel is being watched (requires Chatterino extension) Bool Whether the channel is currently live
Flags Message-specific flags
flags.highlighted Bool Whether the message is highlighted
flags.points_redeemed Bool Whether the message was redeemed through channel points
flags.sub_message Bool Whether the message is a sub/resub/gift message
flags.system_message Bool Whether the message is a system message (i.e. timeout/ban/info)
flags.reward_message Bool Whether the message is a redeemed channel point reward message
flags.first_message Bool Whether the message is the author's first message in the channel
flags.elevated_message Bool Whether the message is a message the author paid to keep in browser chat for an increased duration1
flags.cheer_message Bool Whether the message includes bits1
flags.whisper Bool Whether the message is a whisper
flags.reply Bool Whether the message is a reply
flags.automod Bool Whether the message has automod information or actions1
Message Actual message sent
message.content String Message content
message.length Int Message length

*Note: To compare a Color, compare it to a color hex code string: author.color == "#FF0000"

Data types

Generally, data types won't be much of an issue. However, mismatching data types can cause confusing results.

For example:

  • "abc" + 123 == "abc123" but 123 + "abc" != "123abc"
  • 1 + "2" == 3 and 1 + "2" == "3".

Chatterino will try to transform incompatible types for operations, but it isn't always successful. If two types can't mix, False or 0 will be returned, depending on the context.

Double check the table above to see the types of each variable to prevent unexpected results.

Regular Expressions

Chatterino can match string variables to a regular expression, returning whether the expression matched or, optionally, the value of a capture group.

Simple matching

"some string" match r"some regex" returns True or False.

For example: message.content match r"\d\d"

Group capturing

"some string" match {r"some regex", capture number} returns False if no match or the value of the nth captured group.

For example: message.content match {r"(\d\d)/(\d\d)/(\d\d\d\d)", 3} matches the year component of a date like 12/31/2020.

(message.content match {r"(\d\d)/(\d\d)/(\d\d\d\d)", 3}) == "2020" will filter only messages that contain a written date with 2020 as the year.

About the order of operations

The order of operations in filters may not be exactly what you expect.

  • Expressions in parentheses are evaluated first
  • Math operations are evaluated from left to right, not by MDAS. 2 + 3 * 4 yields 20, not 14.
  • a && b || c && d is evaluated as (a && b) || (c && d)
  • a || b && c || d is evaluated as a || (b && c) || d

Basically, if you're unsure about the order of operations, use extra parentheses.

  1. Added in 2.4.0 

Last update: March 27, 2023 13:20:55