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Image Uploader

You can drag and drop images to Chatterino or paste them from clipboard to upload them to an external service.

By default, the image uploader is turned off. You can enable by checking the Chatterino Settings -> External Tools -> Image Uploader -> Enable image uploader option and configuring per one of the below options.

Note to advanced users: This module sends multipart-form requests via POST method, so uploading via SFTP/FTP won't work. However, popular hosts like and are supported. Scroll down to see example configurations.

Configuration Explanation

Row Description
Request URL Link to an API endpoint, which is requested by Chatterino. Any needed URL parameters should be included here.
Form field Name of a field, which contains image data.
Extra headers Extra headers, that will be included in the request. Header name and value must be separated by colon (:). Multiple headers need to be separated with semicolons (;).
Example: Authorization: supaKey ; NextHeader: value.
Image link Schema that tells where is the link in service's response. Leave empty if server's response is just the link itself. Refer to json properties by {property}. Supports dot-notation, example: {property.anotherProperty}.
Deletion link Same as above.


Row Description
Request URL
Form field attachment

Other fields empty.

Row Description
Request URL
Form field image
Extra headers Authorization: Client-ID c898c0bb848ca39
Image link {}
Deletion link{data.deletehash}

You can also upload images to your imgur account by putting the following as Extra headers:

Replace XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with the token which you can obtain here.


Replace XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with your API key from It can be found on your account's configuration page.

Row Description
Request URL
Form field file
Extra headers
Image link {url}
Deletion link{filename}&key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

This is not a hosted service, but rather a service that can be self-hosted. Click on the URL for more information. Replace XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX with your Base64-encoded user and password

Row Description
Request URL
Form field file
Extra headers Authorization: Basic XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Image link
Deletion link

Unsupported sites

  • It's not possible yet to upload to due to how their upload method is constructed.