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Introduction to Hotkeys

By default, Chatterino contains a set of default hotkeys. A hotkey can be described using five parameters:

Open quick switcher hotkey being edited


Categories describe where in the app the hotkeys action takes place. For example:

  • Sending a message by pressing enter takes place in the Split input box,
  • Closing the current split takes place in the current Split.


An action simply describes what a hotkey does. For example:

  • The Reconnect to chat action in a Split causes Chatterino to reconnect to Twitch/IRC.
  • The Zoom in/out action in a Window causes Chatterino to zoom in or out (depending on the arguments given)


TODO: Short blurb how more advanced keybindings work


Arguments describe the specifics of how the action will behave. For example:

  • The Zoom in/out action in a Window takes a single argument (in, out, or reset) which tells Chatterino to either zoom in or zoom out.